Russian Escort In Vasant Vihar

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Variety, to Trisha, is worth the work it sometimes causes. “I can’t stand to be bored,” she tells us. “It’s excruciating to me. I need to be stimulated all the time. And things that interest me one day will stop interesting me the next. So I’m always looking for variety. I crave it. I need something new every day. I’m not talking about getting bored with a man, either. I mean I can go out with the same guy day after day if he thinks I’m interesting. But the things we do… I need variety of experience. I need to know that there’s hope every day of something different. You know those movies where people live the same day over and over again, trying to get it right or perfect or whatever? That’s my idea of hell, always having the same set of things in front of you every day, never being able to hope for something completely unpredictable.”

jaw-dropping beauty with personality plus? That’s me and I’m not afraid to show you all the many ways I  specialize in fulfilling fantasies ,because I think there is no higher calling for a woman than to

fulfill a man’s fantasy’s. Or a  woman’s. It isn’t about the fact that she’s a woman and he’s a man. It’s that every woman, if she is sexy and beautiful, is obviously going to have the power to fulfill somebody’s fantasies. That’s the power that all beautiful, sexy people have, after all. When you look good, when you’ve got big, round breasts, a firm ass, a gorgeous, taut stomach, men and women both, depending on who they are, will be looking at you and thinking certain things.

So, ready to have some fun with me, come along!!!